Migration to a new Server

I know its a little bit complicate, but here is my problem


I had a issue with PM which I never can solve:



now, I have a new Server with a totaly new policy. On this Server I dont have the problems which I have with the old one.

Now, I want to move all Hosts from one to the other Server. I will not do the documented way to migrate, because I allready have a policy, and I dont want the old problems on the new Server (whever the problem is...)

So I just try to change the Policy Server Adress to the new one, but the hosts will not pop up on the new server. 

Its only working, when I push a Installation from the new Server. After that, the hosts will pop up to import.


But with this way, I can only push the Installation during the time when Users are working. Its not very popular among the users because they must restart after that...

So I ask if its possible to make the Installation just after users login?


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    Hello HolzwurmCH,


    Please, contact support. We can provide you a migration tool, which creates a hotfix for migrating hosts from one PM to another.

    You will not need to reinstall the product. Just install generated hotfix on hosts from your old PM, and they will migrate to a new one. More detailed instructions will be provided together with the tool.


    Best regards,



  • The Support has generated a hotfix for me

    After installing this hotfix on the Hosts, they has moved to the new Antivirus Server


    Now everything is running fine.

    Thank you

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