Migration to a new Server

I know its a little bit complicate, but here is my problem


I had a issue with PM which I never can solve:



now, I have a new Server with a totaly new policy. On this Server I dont have the problems which I have with the old one.

Now, I want to move all Hosts from one to the other Server. I will not do the documented way to migrate, because I allready have a policy, and I dont want the old problems on the new Server (whever the problem is...)

So I just try to change the Policy Server Adress to the new one, but the hosts will not pop up on the new server. 

Its only working, when I push a Installation from the new Server. After that, the hosts will pop up to import.


But with this way, I can only push the Installation during the time when Users are working. Its not very popular among the users because they must restart after that...

So I ask if its possible to make the Installation just after users login?



  • The Support has generated a hotfix for me

    After installing this hotfix on the Hosts, they has moved to the new Antivirus Server


    Now everything is running fine.

    Thank you

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