F-Secure Fscs-12.10 email scanning randomly blocking incoming mail for no reason

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I am having this issue with incoming mail, always getting "This message was modified by F-Secure Email scanning" Local mail and oversea mail randomly, this happen after I reformatted the PC but use back the same installer, previously was fine very weird. When people from oversea send an email another recipient like my colleagues can receive and he's using Fscs-12.10 as well. I am using windows 10 64 bits, appreciate if anyone here has the knowledge or experience can assist me on.




  • Vad
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    Hello xchiazyx,


    We will need more detailed information from affected machine for investigation. Please, contact support.

    Also, please, upgrade your FSCS to latest version 12.31, if possible.


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  • etomcat
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    Is it possible that one computer uses the setting "block e-mail if it is malicious or malformed" while the other computer uses "block e-mail only if it is malicious"? That could maybe explain the differences in software behaviour, if there is a poorly configured mail server or some exotic e-mail client being used.


    Anyhow, on Windows 10 the FSAVCS 12.31 should be used, definitely as I don't think older versions support "RS2 Creator Update" adequately.


    Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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