Quarantine questions

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I have my mail solution working.


During the full store scan it put some mail and attachments aside.


Now  I have a few questions about what ended up in the quarantine.



1 mail that has an excel (macro) attachment is being blocked.


Attachment 'HA4028_2016.xlsm' matches 'Disallowed Inbound Files' stripping condition; Real type: application/octet-stream; description: Office Archive File; extensions: xlsx docx dotx ppsx pptx VBA


when I look at what Disallowed Inbound File contains there's no mention of the extensions as listed above it's all executable and script files. But reprocessing keeps failing.



a lot of zip files that where password protected where put aside.

I can send them but this creates a new mail while some attachment are from mail from 2 years ago.

Is there no way to reprocess attachments in the attachments tab ?


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    Is there a way to add an IP range to the allowed hosts so that I can connect to the console/quarantine from my own computer with dhcp based IP address ?


    I tried & but that doesn't seem to work. It works with my currect IP tho but it might change over time. Also my colleagues should keep an eye on it.

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    the method works afterall. I forgot to save the changes (popup was out of sight)

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    1 - This could be if  File type recognition is on. If there are scripts inside excel it is treated as executable
    Could you list content of Disallowed Inbound Files?

    2 - I'm not sure I got it right "this creates a new mail while some attachment are from mail from 2 years ago."
    You send one file and got another 0_o ?

    I tested on my server:
    - sent email with password protected zip
    - it was quarantined
    - recipient got email with warning template
    - I went to email quarantine\query\mails and attachments and released it
    - recipient got original email with zip

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