Server and Email security and Exchange 2010



I just deployed the Server & Email Security package to our exchange server.


During the install I got this


[x] Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange (only update)


what does this “only update” mean?


Do I need to install something else first like it was 5 years ago?


When I open the console on that server I can see a lot of things but nothing about email protection.

So I have something missing or it didn't detect my exchange server.


Anyone having an idea what might be the issue here?

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  • GVBGVB Posts: 15

    yes, a push from the policy manager console.


    I'll give the local install a try.


    Thanks for the hint Smiley Wink

  • GVBGVB Posts: 15

    Now the goodies appear in the console.

  • GVBGVB Posts: 15

    I had a manual mail scan running that suddenly stopped after 17 minutes or so.


    now each time I start it it stops again after a few seconds and the infected counter increases.


    is it normal that it stops on every infection?

  • VadVad Posts: 1,075 F-Secure Employee

    Hello GVB,


    Please, check the settings in "General" tab of "Manual scanning" in Web Console. I guess you have "Only recent messages" set for "Incremental scanning" option. That's most likely the reason why scanning stops in a few seconds.


    Best regards,


  • GVBGVB Posts: 15

    Indeed but it already processed 400.000 mails so this "recent" is a year or so then?


    it still seems to stop after change that setting tho.

  • VadVad Posts: 1,075 F-Secure Employee

    AFAIR, first time it scans all mails, next times only not scanned yet.

  • GVBGVB Posts: 15

    ok, no problem.


    I kept pressing start scan and there's only 3 mailboxes left to do now.

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