About Windows Store version of Key and a UI improvement idea

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I read about the Win10S release today. Personally I couldn't survive with Win10 S-version only, but it might be enough for laptop use. Many basic users will propably buy cheap 10S laptops as their only computer. Powerusers as secondary computers.


These "apps" and appstores are the future. All major companies, Apple, Google and MS are pushing those forward.


I'm not that thrilled about this change in PC segment, but it's no use fighting windmills.


PS. Here's an idea how using Key would be faster and easier, and would not require any browser integration:


First: two small changes to help:

1) Enable/disable switch for always on top for Key

2) Hide that list on the left of Key (password, subscription...) under some "Settings" button to lessen the amount of screen space used


3) Small addition to how users can go to sites and input their usernames/passwords. Text below image is just to explain how it could work.

UI update

...password field


Easier and faster than using copy-paste or ctrl+F2.



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