Using high amount of RAM by F-Secure Server Premium through Java platform



I've just purchased a Business Suite and start to using it. I Installed the policy manager and a premium server edition on Win server 2016 64 bit but it takes too long to open policy manager and also java platform using a huge amount of memory on that server (500MB). I have to mention that Windows server is installed on a Hyper-V server (2012 R2 64bit) with 8Gb RAM and Intel Xeon E3 1220 v5


I have nothing installed on windows server 2016 (the one which F-secure is installed)



Kianoosh Aghaie


  • Ben
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    Hello Kian_A, 


    Could you tell us how many hosts are managed by this Policy Manager and which version is in use?


    Do you see a consistent 500MB of memory used by Java or a peak when the Policy Manager is opened?

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    > I Installed the policy manager and a premium server edition on Win server 2016 64 bit


    Since you are using a 64-bit operating system platform, please verify that you have installed the specialized 64-bit version of F-Secure Policy Manager 12.31, which got a limited release only very recently. See this thread for more info:



    (The usual version of FSPM, which is available through regular dstribution channels, is 32-bit only and has significant performance / responsiveness burden.)


    Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • Ben
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    You can refer to that thread on the 64bits version topic.


    EDIT: Double posting as Tamas was faster than me to retrieve the given thread:)

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    Hello Dear Ben,


    Thank you for your reply.

    right now there is PC on that Policy manager (3 servers - including the F-secure server itself and 6 clients)

    and about the second question, I have to say "no" this kind of memory consumption is not for a short period of time or just as a peak and it even gets worse (650MB of RAM and other 100MB when policy manager is open) I sent a picture of server's task manager and admit that this is its constant situation.


    (software version is 12.21.78001)



    server's Task Manager

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    Hello Kian_A,


    500-600 MB is more or less ok for Policy Manager's java process. Next (upcoming) 12.40 release has some memory improvements, but in any way, do not expect less than 400 MB memory usage. Of course, memory utilization also depends on domain tree size, number of alerts, reports etc and might be even bigger.


    As for overall VM slowness, probably it is caused by initial DB update downloads and republishings and should stop in a while after PM installation.



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