Key running in free mode with active subscription (play store)

EDIT: Solved in chat, not need to reply.



I have a subscription for Key Premium in Play store, which was automatically renewed on april 15, 2017. I got an e-mail comfirming the renewal.

However, Key returned to free mode after last years subscription ended on all my devices. I noticed this now, when I got a new phone and need to sync all my credentials.

Can you please help me activate premium on my new phone and other devices again? I still have access to my old phone if that helps.


Akward not to have e-mail support for issues like this :/


  • gammelalf
    gammelalf Posts: 3

    No problem. The solution in my case was a new voucher to activate sync again.

    There may be some issue in the communication between play and key worth looking into, when the purchase is triggered by play and not key. I deactivated automatic renewal in play, so it won't be a big issue for me in the future.



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