Repeated Auto-Install after program start

I have been fighting with this password protector for months. When I mentioned turning off auto updates, the auto update selection was removed. Now, almost every time i open F-Secure, the windows install manager runs an auto install of F-Secure and then shows a finished install window with no change. My passwords remain. Any ideas?


  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Mickle,


    What is the OS of your device and what is the recent version of Key installed?


    Do you see the update message from Key or is it from the install manager in your OS?

  • Mickle
    Mickle Posts: 15

    Windows 10 OS. I think my question title maybe wrong because windows doesn't show an installation window. I just assumed it was installing from the progress bar. It is a notification about some change to the configuration and shows a progress bar for a few seconds. Then the unlock screen appears for me to enter my master password.

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Mickle,


    Could you please provide us the screenshot of the progress bar you notice? Does it show as F-Secure Key?


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.


    When you talk about "turning off auto updates" - does it possible means something another?

    Or there available disabling/turning off auto updates of F-Secure Key (?!) with recent builds... but even it was missing such feature as certain autoupdate (just as inform about fresh up-to-date build and possibility to run installer);


    With my experience - your description sounds like if you disabling/remove autorun key. As prevent launch with loading system (for tray);

    If yes - so, with my experience it can be if you just "remove" autorun string for F-Secure Key. Previously it triggered "repair"-action (.msi feature maybe) and it practically looks like the "installation process" (re-installation and than opening main UI);


    With my experience - I able to do next steps (prevent autorun):

    --> do not remove full string (if we talk about registry or there can be some tools) - but just do it "empty" (clean):


    ---> disable autorun key (it possible with CCLeaner as example); but with some systems it can be not work (at least - with Windows Vista there anyway will be repair-action flow; but with Windows 8/10 it normally work for me);


    Also I get something about "repair" (re-installation -> main UI) with not common steps like "renaming" folder with F-Secure Key; replacing it or re-change some files under F-Secure Key (or block access to them);


    Sorry for my reply else one time.




  • Mickle
    Mickle Posts: 15

    I can't take a screenshot. The progress happens too fast for me to snap a screenshot. It is F-Secure. The program shows a F-Secure configuration window for 1 second and then disappears. I've reinstalled F-Secure 3 times since this topic started and nothing has changed. I asked a friend who also uses F-Secure if they experienced the same issue. They do not so I believe my PC is at fault. Thank you for all the replies.

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