fasv return codes

Does fasv return exactly one code or can it return many?  If many, what delimiter is used?  I want to write a script that calls fasv and parses its return.



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    It seems that you are using our Linux Security product which allows you to run "fsav" command for manual scan.


    Detail information about the return code of that command can be checked by running "man fsav".

    Basically, it has the following return codes.


           0     Normal exit; no viruses or suspicious files found.
           1      Fatal error; unrecoverable error.  (Usually a missing or corrupted file.)
           3      A boot virus or file virus found.
           4      Riskware (potential spyware) found.
           6      At least one virus was removed and no infected files left.
           7      Out of memory.
           8      Suspicious files found; these are not necessarily infected by a virus.
           9      Scan error, at least one file scan failed.
           64 + return code above
                    Program was prematurely terminated by SIGIN after something abnormal already had been detected. 

                    Usually this means that the user pressed CTRL-C (64 means we set the 7th bit to 1)
           128 + signal number
                   Program was terminated by pressing CTRL-C, or by a sigterm or suspend event.


    "fsav" will only return one code as a result after the command has been run.

    It will report the return code in the following priority order.


    130, 7, 1, 3, 4, 8, 6, 9, 0



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    Sorry, I meant fsav exit codes


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    Hi BigBobG,


    May I know based on which OS are you referring here?

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    I Intend to deploy F-Secure for Linux File Server to an E2 instance on AWS.


    Ideally i will be able to use the AWS preloaded linux server

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