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I have a private and work account on one computer (win 10). Can I sync safely between those two accounts on the same computer. Manualy ok, but then I have to do it time and again after each change.





  • Ukko
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    There was topic with potentially related meanings:



    Where was two suggestions about potential options.


    After this - there was a lot of updates for F-Secure Key, but probably main design still there and situation about "point" not really changed. Maybe you able to try workaround-steps from topic; Or maybe good to get fresh and proper official response from F-Secure.

  • Laksh
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    Hi Schitterlicht,


    Just to confirm, do you have different user accountsin the same device in which you have installed Key separately? If yes, you have a different Key database for each account in the same machine (look here for a previous discussion).


    Do you have Key premium enabled on both the accounts? Does sync work between them? You can sync your passwords as mentioned in this article if you have Key premium.

  • Hi Laksh,


    No sync on the same computer did not work. So two windows accounts with Key Premium on my main account. Generated a sync code on my main account, went to second account and filled in the code.

    It looked like it sunced oke.

    Back on my main account I noticed that it had removed passwords from my Key Premium that were not in my other account.

    Luckely I had two backups of both Key's. I imported the both in my Key Premium and removed the garbadge by hand. After that it synced fine.

    So it seems you guys have some work to do and prevent that sync removes passwords that are not on one of the accounts when you sync on the same computer

  • Oh and an adition.

    Status in Key says that there are 84 passwords while "All Passwords"says there are 86. ????

  • Laksh
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    Hi Schitterlicht,


    Do you have any credit card information stored in Key along with your passwords? It might the case that 2 of them are credit card information while the status shows the information about your passwords.


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