Block every website except my whitelist


Hello, I’m using Protection Service for Business.


I would like to block every website except the URL I put in my Whitelist.


How can I do?






  • MJ-perComp
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    You could block all traffic to port 80 using the firewall.
    then identify the IPs of the Webservers in your whitelist and add a new rule right before the block one.


    Workaround, but the product is designed for a different purpose.


  • Yann37
    Yann37 Posts: 4

    Hi Matthias, thanks for the tips.


    I will try your way.


    I use some Google services like Google Calendar and Google Map imbedded on my corporate website.


    Do you know a way to allow only access to those services and block the other Google pages like the web search, Google News etc...


    Google use a very large ranges of IPS.




  • MJ-perComp
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    No, sorry.
    IMHO, if you allow Google you can allow the rest as well.

    This sounds like a job for a small UTM-Firewall.


  • Yann37
    Yann37 Posts: 4

    I've 26 sites, 26 machines, and 26 internet connection without any inter-connection or VPN.



    On paper, F-Secure PSB was the best solution to filtrer the web.



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