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F-secure Key is failing to sync between windows 10 systems.  The working system has successfully sync'ed 2 android phones.  However, when attempting to sync the other Win10 systems from either system fails with an "unable to connect to server" error.


Firewalls and the antivirus software have been disabled on both systems and incoming and outgoing firewall rules set on both systems to allow all F-secure key traffic with no improvement.


Attempted to sync the Win 10 system with the phone and got the same error.


Any ideas as to what may be blocking sync communication?


thank you

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  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,432 Community Manager
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    Hi jduval22,


    Based on your replies, your working Win 10 laptop (which syncs with the other Android phones) is having Key premium and syncs fine; it cannot sync only with the other Win 10 laptop.


    If your remaining devices (Win 10 laptop and Android phones which have the sync) have the sync and all the passwords, may be you can uninstall and reinstall Key from the remaining Win 10 device alone which does not sync. Since the other devices are in sync, you can later do the sync with the Win 10 to get the passwords.


    To backup your Key entries in this unsynced Win 10 laptop (just in case), You can also export the passwords from Key and import it back. More detailed information about Backup is given in this post.



  • jduval22jduval22 Posts: 5
    .... it should be noted that the problem system has a working internet connection.
  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,432 Community Manager

    Hi jduval22,


    Could you please check if the Desktop version of Key is Free/premium under Subscriptions?

  • jduval22jduval22 Posts: 5

    Thank you.  I have a premium key.

  • jduval22jduval22 Posts: 5

    and that key is under subscription.  It syncs perfectly between win 10 and Android phones.   It will not sync with other win 10 laptops.

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