Is KEY more secure than Lastpass...?

I am wondering.

I switched from Lastpass to F-Secure Key Premium because of the security problem Lastpass has from time to time. As I understand it correct F-Secure Key stores the passwords/Masterkey differently than Lastpass. More local data?


I'm not using any browser plugin. Opera seems to work without it (ctrl+f2).


Is the architecture more secure because I never hear of any problem with F-Secure KEY or is it because it is less used than Lastpass and therefor not targeted by Googles Zero Day Team etc.

Only feature I'm missing is that F-Secure KEY does not detect the url of the site I try to login. I always have to scroll through all stored enties.




  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Tioz01,


    I could find a previous post with a similar question on comparison here. You can also find more information about Key and the technology behind Key here and here.


    Regarding the URL detection for login, in which browser do you open the webpage to login? And have you added the exact login webpage to Key? You can also try these steps to autofill the credentials.

  • Tioz01
    Tioz01 Posts: 10

    Not a supported one.




    but I tried it with Chrome and it was not working for me. I imported my Passwords from Lastpass. Maybe I have to double check the urls.


    Think I think I will keep using KEY for now

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