New Desktops in Policy Manager



I have a problem with new Desktops and the Policy Manager Console. We are running V12.10.7672


I can install F-Secure Client Security without problem pushing from the PMC to new PC's. In former times after the Installation, this new PC was automatically registered in the Domain Tree. 

But this has not worked for several months.


I know that I can import new hosts under "Installation" an "Import new host" but this list is also empty.

Whats going on here?


Thanks a lot!



  • just upgraded to 12.31.79713

    still the same problem...

  • The Support provide me with some Information about Firewall and other things, but that cant help me.


    After that I has setup a new Server, with a complete new Installation with complete new Policies.

    For migrating the hosts,  the F-Secure Support has provide me with a hotfix. After the installation on the hosts they has moved to the new Server.


    Now everything ist running perfect

    Thank you

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