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Hi, I purchase a new f-secure license key. We use PM to export f-secure client security to 12.3 version MSI file with the key. However , as we are using old key in all client PC, they will expire soon. Will those client don't update or have message to prompt for expiry if I haven't installed new 12.3 to them? I am afraid I cannot install new version with new key to all client PC before old key expiry. Thanks

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    Updating databases and/or scanning for viruses might stop anytime after expiration.

    Note that you will see the reminder on the client machine for 30 days before expiration.

    And if you have full key, you are not at any risk. You can't use old full key for new version installations. Installed older versions are not affected in any way.


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    Hello Nelson,


    It depends on the type of old key.

    If this is a full key, provided for older versions (like 11.x for example), it will not expire.

    If this is a trial key, clients will start showing expiration warning window a month before expiration.

    Behaviour after the expiration depends on product/version.


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    We have Client security 12.0 version. We purchased old key for our PCs one year ago so I think it should be full key.

    What is the behavior of Client security 12.0 version?



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