Considering F-Secure Key Purchase - Have Some Questions

I am looking for a new password manager that can handle a particular situation.  Currently I sync my passwords between my iPhone and Mac only via secure WLAN, so I am hesitant to move to the cloud.  I like what I see with the encryption setup on Key with all encryption/decryption being performed on the endpoint. Would it be safe to call this a zero-knowledge solution?


First of all, is all data stored on servers in Finland?  That is definitely my preference.


Here is my situation.  I work in the legal field, and at times I am required to wipe my iPhone temporarily for security purposes and then later restore it from backup.  Would the Key program be able to deal with this?  I need to be able to restore my password data even when I don't have access to my Mac, so if Key can allow me to reload the app and access my data it would meet my needs perfectly.


Thanks in advance!


  • Thanks for the reply Laksh.  Is there any way to get around the requirement to have physical access to my Mac to be able to restore password data?  That's the main reason I want to move to the cloud.

  • Laksh
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    Hi RandomGirl,


    You need one of your connected device during syncing to generate the sync code. Sorry, there is no other way around.

  • Flamey
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    Could you set up a third device where you have access to and where you could get the sync codes from, such as an iPad or other phone etc? Just throwing out ideas here.

  • Unfortunately, that will not work.  Any additional devices I have with me would have to be wiped as well.  

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