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Is it possible to have user with minimal privileges on server which is allowed to release only messages (emails) from Quarantine on F-Secure E-mail and Server Security.


In documentation state that user must have administrator rights on server:

“When the Web Console login page opens, enter your user name and the password and click Log In. Note that you must have administrator rights to the host where the Web Console is installed.”


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    Hello Dusan,


    Starting from version 12.10, ESS product has a separate Email Quarantine Management (EQM) tool, which doesn't require admin rights. You can find the package and installation instructions in ESS product installation folder: F-Secure\Quarantine Manager\tools\eqm\

    Fresh ESS 12.10 administrator's guide with EQM related materials will appear soon on our website as well.


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    I installed EQM and it is working fine with Chrome. But with IE (11) I get empty page after enter username and password. I add web server into trusted sites but still doesn't work. 


    Any other settings for IE? Web server is IIS on Windows server 2012R2…



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    Hello Dušan,


    In IE try to change: <F12> - tab "Emulation" - "Document mode".


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