KEY doesn't autofill password for Skype on Windows 10

I am trying to add a Skype desktop application to KEY, but KEY doesn't fill in the password (nor login) inside Skype.


When at the login page I use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F2 and select "Add to F-Secure KEY". I fill out the forms.


When I am at login view and use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F2 then KEY prompts possible credentials. When I select the one I configured for Skype. Nothing happens. I fill in the username manually.


When I am at the password view then KEY icon is displayed in the password form. When I click on it, it disappears and nothing happens. If I use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F2 then login credentials appear and I can select Skype credentials again. After I click on these credentials then the list of credentials disappear and nothing happens (password is not filled).


Some background information:
KEY version: 4.4.135

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


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