How does F-Secure Key store passwords in the cloud?

Hi. I am trying to understand how F-Secure really is architected and how it is storing the password in the cloud and on the local devices.


Is it a hub and spoke architecture? so are there local vaults on all the devices and these are protected with unique local master password, and the locally encrypted blob with the passwords is then synced to the f-secure cloud?


When a new device is it getting this from the f-secure cloud...or from other devices? and then when it gets the data, how is it getting it? securely? does it then create a local vault on the device?

Is this a mesh architecure versus hub and spoke?


I would feel much more secure if there are local vaults that are never leaving the local device unless is it locally encrypted with the unique local master password (I take it a user could use the same master password for all his devices...but understand they are local instantiations of the master password), and then these encrypted vaults are simply store in the cloud to be synced to other devices.....actually even better would be to have the devices pass the encrypted vaults to each other with the need to the f-secure cloud at all....not sure why the f-secure cloud is even needed?


  • Laksh
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    Hi Puduville,


    You can check more about the technology used in Key here and here. About the usage of the master password and how the encryption works, this article sheds more light.

    Regarding the connection with the Key server, your information is always encrypted between the Key app and the Server as mentioned here.


    I am also checking with the Key team if there is any further information they can share about your other questions. I will get back to you once I receive any update from them.

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