Is it possible to strip a email for hyperlinks?



We got F-Secure Protection Server ®  - Version 8.0 and due to a lot of problems with Cryptolocker I would like to strip the email for hyperlinks. Is that possible?



  • Vad
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    Hello Christoffer,


    Unfortunately, hyperlinks analysis is no present even in the latest version.

    Version 8 is very old, and is not supported for several years already.


    Best regards,


  • Hi


    Okey. Will it come??


    Then I have another question. Is it possible to upgrade this server to the newest?


    F-Secure Activation ID:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Activation Status:Activated
    Proofpoint Protection Server Version:
    Spam MLX Engine Version:8.0.1-1612050000
    Spam MLX Definitions Version:main-1702210091
    Content Extraction Engine Version:
    Zero-Hour Anti-Virus Engine Version:7.5.0_20130516_1025
    F-Secure Anti-Virus Definitions Version:2017-02-21_09-05-05
    F-Secure Anti-Virus Engine Version:8.0.1-25010432_160816_1020
    System Localeenus
    Usage Type1000
    Product Level1000
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    Seems that I'd wrongly identified the product initially from your description.

    You have Messaging Security Gateway:


    We will come back to you soon with further details about support of a feature you are interested in in this product.


    Best regards,


  • Jari-P
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    Hi Christoffer,


    Messaging security gateway version 8.0.1 is supported, however it is not latest.


    Unfortunately stripping hyperlinks is not possible with MSG. Currently we do not have information if we have this feature in the future.


    Could you contact our technical support regarding updates:





  • etomcat
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    > Messaging security gateway version 8.0.1 is supported, however it is not latest.


    Please elaborate? That is what F-Secure Webclub site currently offers for download:



    Yours sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • Jari-P
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    Hi Etomcat,


    Basically 8.0.1 is latest major version. Yet i don't know schedule for next major release.


    However we have recently introduced new update model where appliance is receiving minor updates automatically.


    Latest LTS version is 8.4.6


    Apprently you haven't received yet information regarding this. We are currently sending out instructions for our customers.




  • HI


    Thanks for all the answers.


    Would you guys suggest us to change some hardware? And if so, what should I invest into?

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