Update Client Security Premium 12 to 12.30 - Error - Anti Virus-Firewall Daemon not responding



after updating my clients from Client Security Premium 12 to 12.30 at startup the client gets an error.


"The F-Secure Anti-Virus Firewall Daemon module, monitored by F-Secure Management Agent, stops responding or has stopped. A reboot is attempted later. If this message is frequently displayed, contact your system administrator or reinstall F-Secure products" translated with Google


After Removing F-Secure and reinstall i get follwing Message "Windows requires a digitally signed driver, Driver: F-Secure Internet Shielt Driver (64bit) Service: F-Secure Firewall Driver, Pfad: ....fsdfw.sys ... Restart => same Error again.


Client System: Windows 7 


someone can help?


best regards



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  • BenBen Posts: 2,640
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    Hello Steven, 


    This is most likely the known issue discussed here


    The CS firewall does not work on the Windows 7 system because the firewall binary is blocked by the digital signature verification check. This could happen if latest Windows update is missing on the problematic system.


    Please make sure that all the  problematic systems have the latest Windows updates installed.



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