Significance of FSAV (Email and) Server Security new minor version 12.11?

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Dear F-Secure,


I see a new minor version 12.11 of the FSAV (Email and) Server Security product has just been released.


Please explain its significance to us, because the release notes appeares to be the same for me? Does this new minor version mean that FSAV (E)SS 12.10 has been revoced due to a bug and existing installations need to do the version upgrade or apply a hotfix?


Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely:

Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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    Hi Tamas, 


    Here are the fixed issues compared to version 12.10:


      Incremental (configured from WebUI) policies for tables:

    - Real-time scanning excluded objects

    - Manual scanning excluded objects

    - Browsing protection Trusted sites

    - Browsing protection Disallowed sites

    disappear after upgrade. Fix is applicable for standalone installations only.

    Fix for centralized installations is not possible due to changes in mentioned above policy tables structure, introduced since Policy Manager 12.20.


    F-Secure Quarantine Manager installation fails in some cases for upgrade scenario.

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