Menu "Network Connections" is missing in F-Secure Client, version F-Secure Client Security 12.00 bui

We are using F-Secure on all PCs to secure them. On new installations of F-Secure client, in the configurations (Einstellungen in German), I can see the menue "Network Connections" and below that "Firewall" and 3 other submenu entries. On existing intallations I cannot see these menu entries at all.


We are using Win 7 and the same version of the F-Secure client. If I right-click the F-Secure icon and click on "Info..." I see the same version but different lists of components on the new and old installations.



1- Why is there a difference?

2- How can I make the menu "Network Connections" disappear on the new installation?




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  • LenauLenau Posts: 4

    I created a task on the Policy Manager Server to re-install the F-Secure client on one of our PCs. After this installation the new client has also the "Network Connections" menu and also the firewall submenu. It is exactly the same client version as before the upgrade. Only new modules have been added to it now!


    Now the question is: How can I avoid the firewall module to be installed on the client side? We just need the AV functionality of the client. No need for the firewall.


    When I disable the firewall, F-Secure shows that my PC is not secure and this is annoying! Before the upgrade the client did not show any issues regarding missing firewall!


    So, still looking forward for a hint...



  • LenauLenau Posts: 4

    Thank you for the hints!


    I could uninstall the Internet Shield in the Windows 7 System Config. It is a single program.

    In the future when we need to populate client software on a new PC I will take care about the modules and will disable the Internet Shield module.



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