Module Crash Detected: Restarting Later

After instaling F-Secure Client Security Premium 12.30 i have error:


"The module F-Secure Anti-Virus Firewall Daemon monitored by F-Secure Management Agent has stopped responding or was terminated. An attempt to restart it will be made later. If you see this message frequently, contact the system administrator or reinstall F-Secure products."


How can i fix it?


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  • Vad
    Vad Posts: 1,086 F-Secure Employee

    Hello cajkod,


    What OS is/are affected?


    Best regards,


  • cajkod
    cajkod Posts: 14



    Windows 7 Professional x64.


    I try to reinstall, after installation i got this message F-secure_Digital.JPG.

    And after few minutes got this...F-secure.JPG

  • cajkod
    cajkod Posts: 14

    Thank you,
    after updating everything is working...

  • Hi cajkod,

    May I ask what updates you installed?

    Is it necessary to download all the updates from windows 7?

    We encountered the same problem.


  • Vad
    Vad Posts: 1,086 F-Secure Employee

    Hello hungchen,


    Please, try this one:

    It should help, as far as i remember.


    Best regards,


  • cajkod
    cajkod Posts: 14

    I installed about 100 updates from my WSUS. Computer with problem was last time updated 2014. Last WSUS synchronize was October 2016.
    I'm not helping you, but before updates problem was in digital algorithm sha1 and sha256...

  • Hi Vad,

    After installing the fix you provided, 

    Windows-requesting-a-digitally the message disappeared,

    but the module crash still occurred.

    I will try  to install other updates.


  • Test result:

    Win7 must install SP1 and security updates "critical" and "important" are necessary.

    Unfortunately, because there is no time to test so I can not clearly know which file to be updated can fix this problem.


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