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When will there be a version of the PSB client that is supported on Windows Server 2016?


Is there a beta or preview version avaialable that I can opt-in to install as a test?







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    Hello Tiem-Roth, 


    Support for Windows Server 2016 is already available with our latest versions for Server. 


    EDIT:Apparently you found the information on your side while I was replying : )



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    Hello NickJ, 


    Our teams are still finalizing PSB ESS/SS 12.10 that will support Windows server 2016.

    The current target for release is Q1 2017. 


    ESS/SS 12.10 which also compatible with  Win2016 in the Business Suite has been released last week. 


  • any news on  the release of support on 2016 ?


  • Aha - already there - Sorry!

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