Installation error affecting Policy Manager 12.30

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Products affected: Policy Manager 12.30

Problem: When the policy-based installation/upgrade is started, or an installation package is exported, an error message shows up.



Visible effects: This error has appeared after the Policy Manager 12.30 release. The error manifests itself under the following conditions:

1.There is a policy-based installation (regardless of its state: either succeeded, in progress, or failed) relating to the specific installation package.
2.The same installation package is being used to start another policy-based installation, or for push installation, or is being exported to JAR/MSI.

Workaround: To work around the problem, perform the following steps in the Policy Manager Console 'Installation' view:

1.Wait until the policy-based installation related to the package is complete, either with success or failure.
2.Delete the policy-based installation entry from the 'Policy-based installations' table ('Clear row' button).
3.Distribute the policies.
ETA: Fixed in Policy Manager 12.31.

Internal reference: CTS-98739