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Hi, I have pretty high end PC so I'm not burdened by slow performance of KEY (like some other users have reported).


However, I see that even when locked, Key constantly uses both memory and CPU quite much. This then also warms my CPU enough so that my fans start spinning harder and the computer is never silent.


When doing photo/video editing, I have to specifically shut KEY down in order to access more computing power, which is ridiculous.


Is there any fix in sight? As simple program as KEY shouldn't take all those resources, especially when it's not active/unlocked.



  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Jimijam, 


    Could you check if you have the autofill function enabled on you machine?

    1. Open F-Secure KEY.
    2. Go to Settings > General.
    3. Under Autofill, untick the Enable system autofill box.

    It might be using unnecessary resources on some systems.

  • PA2
    PA2 Posts: 9

    But if you use the system autofill feature, this is not an option. As the OP asked: is there a fix planned?

  • PA2
    PA2 Posts: 9

    I'll try again:


    Is there a fix planned for this issue?


    I use the system autofill feature for two reasons: the browser autofill does not work very well for me, and I have windows applications which I want to log in to.


    Which means, I can not turn it off, then I would need to find another password manager. But if I don't turn system autofill off, my fan is running all the time. It's annoying and it's a waste of energy. Our planet is at stake, in short.


    If you are unable to reproduce this issue it might be interesting for you to know that for me the process "COM Surrogate" always runs at about the same amount of CPU when KEY is. So if I turn off system autofill, both KEY and COM Surrogate stops using excessive CPU.


  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    There is currently no short term plan to fix the system autofill function on Windows 10. 


    I'll bring this to our development team's attention again for future consideration.

  • PA2
    PA2 Posts: 9

    I would like to add that not only is KEY constantly using around 10% CPU power when system auto-fill is on, it also affects typing in some apps. For me this is most notable in Slack, where typing is super laggy when I have KEY running, and not laggy at all when I quit KEY.


    System auto-fill is the key feature (pun intended) in this product for me, none of the other password managers I have tried are as good as KEY for this, so I really really wish you would prioritize fixing this issue.

  • Vetraci
    Vetraci Posts: 156 Adventurer

    Lately I am experiencing excessive CPU- and Battery-Usage on my Windows 10 devices.

    I already disabled Autofill features and switched to "Copy&Paste".

    Hope Key-Team is planning to fix this issue!




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