FSAV PSB 12.01 and cloning?

Dear Sirs,


What is the current situation regarding cloned installation methed for FSAV PSB 12.01 on workstation computers (for example the Windows 10 64-bit OS)?


Is it possible? Is it supported?


Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.



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    this depends so much on how the cloning software works and we know e.g. that VMWare cloned images sometimes end up communicating with exact same identity.


    So cannot say definite "yes" answer, but here are some helping points:

    - PSB client by default uses the SMBIOS GUID value from the actual computer motherboard to communicate. So when cloning between real computers, this usually ends up creating nicely a new computer in PSB portal.

    - But we have seen cases where manufacturers have delivered several thousands of motherboards that return always same SMBIOS GUID. For these you can use the following tool in PSB client to change the ID what it uses to communicate: FSMAUTIL resetuid randomguid

    -- This tool is located under <f-secure>\common\ -folder.


    So with this information is just best to try out how it works with your cloning software. Especially if it works with first option, where SMBIOS GUID changes during cloning, it should be as safe way to work as installing it to those computers.






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