Application Control blocks well-known software executables

Products affected: Client Security 12.2x, PSB Workstation Security 12.x

Problem: Application Control blocks well-known software executables after every update.

This behavior occurs when the following setting is set to "Deny", with DeepGuard integration or Security Cloud enabled.

Policy Manager Console:
F-Secure Internet Shield > Settings > Application Control > Action onto Unknown Outbound/Inbound Application

PSB Profile Editor:
Firewall > Application Control > Default action for client/server applications

Visible effects: Known software such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Reader are automatically blocked when new updates are applied to them. These blocked applications need to be manually released and whitelisted again after each software update.

Workaround: Change the above-mentioned setting from "Deny" to "User decision".

ETA: Unconfirmed. We will update this page as new information becomes available.

Internal reference: PCONBS-123