How to enter premium key in f-secure key for ipad



i have an f-secure subscription and have generated a premium key for f-secure key and installed the app on my iPhone and iPad but cannot find where to enter the premium key on either. 


I have tried rued the help articles - cannot find the option to redeem voucher in the help menu. 


Help as as I think this will be a great app if I can get it to work. 



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    Thanks for your confirmation, djbeaumont. I have already highlighted about this to our Product Expert for adding this information to our Knowledge base.


    Good to know everything is sorted now.


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    Hi Scott,


    It's a little strange that you are unable to find the option under Help. Just to confirm, is there any other devices with Key installed apart from your iOS devices? 


    May I know what OS version you are using and if it is the latest version of Key installed?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I don't have key installed on any other devices.

    My iPhone is running iOS 9.3.5 and my iPad is running the same.

    I have installed version 4.3.3 of F-Secure Key.

    When I go to subscription it says key free and I have a button "choose a provider" and "buy a subscription".

    On help I have the following options:

    Knowledge base
    Initial guide

    None of the above give me the option to enter my premium key voucher.
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    Hi djbeaumont,


    I did a further check regarding your issue. Due to iOS restrictions the premium code needs to be entered in another device and sync to your IOS device(s).


    Do you have any other devices apart from the iOS device?

  • Hi - yes I figured this out yesterday and it's all working fine now.

    Could be made much more obvious in the online materials that you must install on a PC first and then sync.

    Thanks for your response though.
  • I only have one IOS (Ipad) an I can not enter subscription information. I do have F-Secure on Win 10, and Android phone do I have to install it on one of these first. Doeas not seem right to me.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,434 Community Manager

    Hi PeterD69,


    As mentioned above, due to iOS restrictions, the premium code needs to be entered in another device and sync to your IOS device(s).

  • KingerKinger Posts: 1

    I spent quite a long time searching out a solution to this issue. Installed while I was out and about to both an iPhone and iPad with same problem.  no other way to install whilst on road. Eventually decided to try loading to desktop on W10 at home when I return. An explanation on knowledge base or better still in the app would have saved me a lot of time. 

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,434 Community Manager

    Hi Kinger,


    Thanks for your feedback. I have shared your inputs with our team to look further.

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