I have been using F-Secure Key for quite a long and have found it really useful an d have recommended it to a number of friends. Someone came back to me and told me that Key is very limited compared to other password protection providers. I then took a look at what is available on the web and realised how far this platform has moved on with other providers giving so much more and often their free versions and far more complex and advanced than Key. Do you have any intention of rolling out a major facelift/upgrade of your offering?  I would prefer to stay with a brand I know and respect but am questioning whether I will renew when my subscription comes up. Thanks




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    Hello Thistleworth,


    KEY is constantly evolving. We are soon launching a password dashboard (some sort of infographic showing you an overview of your digital credentials: how good they are, which ones you are re-suing, etc.) and breach alerts (notifications when major providers have been hacked) asking the user to take action and change your passwords. Some other changes coming next year will be: categories and more data types, icons and colours.


    Keep in mind that KEY is designed for users valuing simple User Interface(UI) and User eXperience(UX), and it will always be our priority to have a great UX and simple UI. Not so much having advanced features (that most users never use). 


    Also, being a cyber-security company, we value your privacy and security and would never implement features exposing either of them. We, for instance, do not have a web service (you need a device to get your passwords), minimising the risk of being hacked. We don’t store your Master Password either, and thus we cannot provide any information to governments nor third parties.


    Some competitors have great products, most focusing on advanced and complex features. KEY, we think, still has an edge when it comes to simplicity and aesthetics while providing military grade security.


    At the end of the day is a mater of personal preference. But keep in mind that "When you don’t pay for something you are not the customer, you are the product”.

  • Dear Ben,


    Thanks for coming back to me. As you mention the most important issue to everyone with password protectors is security and I take on board what you say - and that cannot be compromised. Without KEY becoming all singing and dancing I think a couple of enhancments would greatly help. Firstly an increase in the password type for things like driving licence or passport details or maybe simply a "Custom" option. That the Notes section could have an option to be hidden and finally an option to attach a document (jpg file or PDF?).

    Overall I am very pleased with the application but would like a little more flexibility - user preference?

    Thank you- Chris

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Thank you for your reply.


    I'll pass it on to the KEY team.

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