Slow disk while scanning

My problem is the same as in the question:


The solution to that one is wrong. He did not ask about limiting CPU usage, but limiting the IO usage that the F-secure real-time scanning is taking. It renders my high-end macbook pro useless (even though 97% of CPU is idle and _no_ programs are running) while it is doing real-time scanning to an external hard drive. Is there a way to exclude the real-time scanning from scanning external hard drives?


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    > doing real-time scanning to an external hard drive.


    Does it make sense to run resident virus protection (real-time scanning) on an Apple Mac computer, for any drive? The OS X is essentially a BSD Unix core with fancy GUI, so infections are amazingly rare.


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  • Well, I keep it off now. If F-secure thinks such an option is somehow necessary, they should make it also usable. Otherwise it should not be available.

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