Push installation button in FSPM 12 doesn’t work


The push installation button in FSPM 12 doesn’t work.

When I push I nothing happens.

I can access all the other features in FSPM without any problems.

Can it be a windows security settings problem?

Is there a proper log to pin down this problem?


Thanks in advance!


  • etomcat
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    I don't recommend the legacy "Push Install" feature, since it has a several pre-conditions for success on the client end, which are somewhat difficult to meet ever since Microsoft strenghtened Windows' built-in security in Vista and newer.


    Alternatively, you could import the web downloaded endpoint .JAR package into F-Secure Policy Manager Console and re-export it in .MSI format. Place the pre-configured .MSI file into a GPO (Active Directory Group Policy Object) and that will do the installation on endpoints for you, without the need to "castrate" Windows' own security beforehand.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • Hi etmocat,


    Yes, that´s one solution for the distribution problem. and i will concider it :)

    But i would really like to understand why the legacy "push intallation" feature doesn´t work.

    And this because i suspect that there are some other problems with FSPM lurking around.

    But I need to start with some symptome and I chosed this one.

    I suspect that it might be a security issue on the server side du to a update.

    But i´m not sure. :)




    Are there any specific or "propper" logs to see why the "Push installation" butten doesn´t work?



  • etomcat
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    Check these:


    - Endpoint firewall (e.g. built-in Microsoft FW) doesn't block the network ports used for push install (135/137/139 I think)


    - Admindollar share works on the endpoint


    - Remote registry access service is enabled and runs on the endpoint


    - You may need to set a registry key on some Windows 78 versions for Push Install to work

    ( LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy=dword:00000001 at

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System )


    - Since one may need a GPO to adjust these pre-conditions on the many endpoints at once, it could be easier to distribute FSAVCS directly in MSI + GPO and forget about the above laundry list. FSPM version 12.21 now has improved MSI support.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • dandelion
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    It's not clear from your description what exactly doesn't work. When you click the 'Push installation' button, does the 'Push installation wizard' show up? 

  • Hi dandelion,


    Sorry for my unclearness :)

    But your assumption is correct. The wizard for “push installation” will not start.

    Also I noticed that I can’t access the “Installation package dialog”

    The following box shows up when I hit the “Installation packages” button.

    “Cannot show installation package dialog. Try again or see the log for details”




  • dandelion
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    it's hard to tell what the problem is without the additional information. I suggest you contact the technical support. The diagnostic pacckage (aka fsdiag) may be necessary to proceed. Please contact F-Secure support for the instructions. 


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    As noone did before, may I ask what version and platform you are using for PMS and PMC?

    A linux based PMC is not able to do a push at all!

  • Hi!

    The platform is a SBS 2011


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