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does F-secure Policy manager proxy need to be joined to domain, or is it able to obtain updates and policies from the F-secure Policy manager only using port 443? We are trying to open the least amount of ports to DMZ.






Also, is Policy manager proxy free product or is separate license needed?

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    Yes, policy and status are direct communication from Host to PM on port 443. Proxy makes no sense as each data is uniq


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    Neither, nor!

    Signature Updates are fetched through port 80 (hhtp) maybe using an http-Proxy inbetween
    PMP is NOT a proxy for Policy Updates, only for Databases (and some other files)!


    How big is your installation behind the PMP?

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    the picture below is from the Policy manager proxy admin guide.

    If only virus database is updated via the Policy manager proxy, are direct connections needed from clients to the Policy manager server to fetch the policy updates?


    In this case our goal is to minimize the port openings to one of our network segment.








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    Thanks for the information.

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