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Jag har betald licens för F-secure Key Premium och har den fullt uppdaterad på min androidmobil. Visst är det så att jag kan ha full installation på flera enheter (Premium). Jag försöker att via Bluetoth uppgradera Key på min dator  till Premium med Win 10 i datorn till samma grad som på min mobil, men det går inte. Vad kan vara fel?


  • Ben
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    Hello Tompa2, 


    Our community is currently in English and Finnish. Please repost your question in one of these language so the greatest number can assist you. 

    Regarding Key sync you may refer to this article.

  • Tompa2
    Tompa2 Posts: 4 Explorer

    My problems with syncronising my computer with my Android phone, where I have Key Premium installed, are still unsolved. The two items are connected but there is no way to syncronise.  I´m sorry to say that no solution is clear for me in spite of the answers I got. I don´t understand how to deal with the solution written.

    Tommy from Gävle

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