It happened all because of a lack of SENSE!

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DDoS attack halts heating in Finland amidst winter


A late October 2016 DDoS attack disabled an IoT-connected control system for the centralized heating apparatus of two residental condo buildings in Lappeenranta city, eastern Finland.


Despite freezing temperatures outside the tenats apparently didn't think much of the incident, because they believed the outage was part of a week-long civil defence exercise and they kept themselves warm by singing and dancing to Ievan Polkka.


Plumbers were eventually sent on-site but they couldn't fix the problem due to lack of computer security training, so the attack wasn't remedied until the 3rd of November.


The only remaining question in this case: who is General Winter Protection Fault and why is he reading the hard drive of our Internet-connected central heating apparatus?


Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.


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