Using Miracast screen projection with Windows 10 and Client Security (or PSB Workstation)

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I was wondering if anyone had experience with using Miracast screen projection with Windows 10 together with PSB for Workstation and/or Client Security 12.xx while having the f-secure firewall enabled.  


If so, would it be possible to share details (screenshot etc) as to what kind of firewall rule/rules need to be in place to allow the connection.

Any and all help is appreciated.





  • Hi,


    You should allow
    applications to open all ports in and out from F-secure application control.


    Only trouble (as far as I understand) is that you can not do it from workstation because F-secure is running as system and these applications are visible only to user. You have to set it from F-secure management console and load this policy to your workstation.

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