selected domain is read only and cannot be used as a target

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I'm getting the below error when importing clients to the policy manager.user has full access rights.any idea?Smiley Indifferent


"selected domain is read only and cannot be used as a target"








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    Once you create an AD synchronization rule and bind it to a domain, this domain (and everything below it in the domain tree) becomes read-only: the underlying structure is taken from the AD and can't be modified manually. If you want to add some hosts manually, you need to create a policy domain outside this AD-managed domain, and add hosts there.


    Please note that if you bind an AD synchronization rule to the 'Root' domain, then the entire tree becomes read-only. In situations like yours, if you want to keep the ability to add hosts manually, you should bind the rules to the dedicated sub-domains in the domain tree, not the 'Root'. 






  • Is this target domain bound to any ActiveDirectory synchronization rule? 

  • asankaasanka Posts: 73

    hi Dandelion,


    Yes.there is a ActiveDirectory synchronization rule.



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    by design, the domains bound to AD synchronization rules can't be updated manually. You should use another domain for the hosts you'd like to add. 

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    You meant sub domain?how to create a another domain and add clients?Please elaborate



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    Thanks.issue is resolved now.just a another question.i just updated policy manger 12 to 12.20 and clients to 12.20 but client security shows cross mark saying that network connections malfunction.Please reply



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    it's hard to say without specific data from your environment what's wrong. Please contact the F-Secure support on that issue. 

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    Hello asanka,


    Network connections malfunction most likely is shown because F-Secure Anti-Virus Firewall Daemon service failed to start for some reason.

    To find the reason, additional information from affected machine(s) is required.


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