How F-Secure firewall determines [mydns] definition in firewall rules? It happens to me that F-Secure Firewall denies connection to one of two DNS servers while I am using VPN. So I would like to know more what is laying behind [mydns] logic. Thanks!


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    Hello Mazarin,


    [mydns] actually means ip address


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  • Why It doesn't make sense. I would rather expect that [mydns] is dynamically assigned by IP addresses of DNS servers according to actual TCP/IP configuration. But in that case, why f-secure fw denies name resolving to one of the DNS servers while I'm using VPN. I'm afraid there is a bug behind [mydns] logic.


    Previously I have this FW rule for DNS:

    localmachine -> [mydns] via TCP/UDP 53


    To assure that both DNS servers are accessible for DNS resolving while I'm using VPN I have to replace the rule by this:

    localmachine -> via TCP/UDP 53


    But I'm sill curious how [mydns] in F-Secure works.

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    Mazarin, you are right. I'm sorry for incorrect answer. [mydns] is dynamically changing list of DNS servers. The list is updating every time when FW checks the rule.


    What product/version do you have?

    If you think it doesn't work as expected, please, contact support. We will need more detailed information and probably debug logs from affected machine.


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