F-secure file transfer

When dragging an executable file to transfer using F-secure SSH file transfer, it will not keep the executable attributes. I can't find within the Preferences where one could preserve attributes when transferring? Is it possible to preserve attributes? 


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    F-Secure SSH has not been supported/developed for more than 5 years. It has been sold!


    What OS is the Server what OS is the Client?

    Do you run F-Secure SSH for Windows Server on the other end?



  • I'm running F-secure SSH on my office computer using Win XP. Am using it to transfer files from my computer to a Linux server... and to transfer files within the Linux server. When doing this with executables, it takes away the executable attributes when dragging it from one folder to another. 

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    Windows has no executable-bit so how should windows know the file is execuatble? and viceversa is the same problem.


    Also it might be a security feature that programs can not create executable-bit directly.




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