Get updates from the cloud directly to a PMP.


I have a problem with the PMP  and I need your help, thanks.


I have a  connexion between PMP(proxy) and PM(Console) of 128 KB by MPLS connection.

So when the PMP connect to the PM to get databases updates, the connection is saturated, So we need that the PMP download the updates from the cloud directly and only the configuration changes from the PM. Is it posible do that?

I did read, the PMP documentation but there are not any information about this.

If that not posible we can try another solution for this issue, for example set a server PM without Policy Manager Colose to download the updates and redirect the stadistics information to the central Policy Manager Server.

please, help me with this problem.

Thanks you!

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  • VadVad Posts: 1,051 F-Secure Employee
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    Hello Yesus,


    It is not possible to configure PMP in such way. Here is the instruction how to tune a PM:


    Using Policy Manager as PMP replacement

    The known solution to optimize BackWeb traffic and offload it from Policy Manager Server is using F-Secure Policy Manager Proxy (PMP) product. However, using PMP to minimize traffic was limited both in efficiency (only ~30%) and a number of supported platforms.

    Now Policy Manager Server can be configured to serve client requests coming to PMP, which means that a properly configured dedicated PMS installation can be specified in 'Policy Manager Proxies' table.


    • Ability to install BackWeb traffic offload node on any platform supported by Policy Manager Server.
    • Ability to configure any number of infopack diffs, e.g. increase the value without impacting performance of a "master" Policy Manager Server node.
    • Ability to fully offload BackWeb traffic from a "master" PMS note.

    Installation steps:

    1. Install Policy Manager Server aimed to act as PMP node.
    2. Modify Automatic Update Server's configuration file server.cfg and set allow_bwserver_to_serve_bwproxy_requests = TRUE. Restart Automatic Update Server.
    3. Specify server's address, installed on step #1, in polices inside Policy Manager Proxy table on the "master" Policy Manager:



    • Policy Manager Server specified in Policy Manager Proxy table will server BackWeb traffic only. All other requests will be handled by "master" PM.
    • Suggestion: In order to monitor updates served by BackWeb traffic offload nodes, administrator can leverage "anti-virus databases outdated" server alerts.

    Best regards,



  • YesusYesus Posts: 7

    Vad, thanks for your help.

    I can try this way to solve the issue, but I can not see the image, do you have an original link of this information? is into the Administration Guide?

    thanks again



  • VadVad Posts: 1,051 F-Secure Employee

    As far as I know, we don't have the official document yet. But there is nothing special on this image. Just provide the address of PM instead of PMP in "Policy Manager Proxies" table on "Settings > Automatic Updates" page of Policy Manager Console.


    Best regards,


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