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I have a custom rules which is supposed to allow mails from an entity, even if they have an encryptetd attachment, which is otherwise forbidden via POLICY_BLOCK_ENCRYPTED.

However, this doesn't seem to trigger. Therefore some questions (I tried the adminguide and searched the forum, but didn't find info there):

- Should my whitelist via custom filter override the POLICY_BLOCK_ENCRYPTED?

- How can I debug filters?


(PS: This is about Internet Gatekeeper v 5.30.)

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    Thank you for engaging us. 


    In the current implementation, whitelisting using "custom filtering rules" feature affects only spam detection. Any action done by anti-virus scanning (includes e.g POLICY_BLOCK_ENCRYPTED) cannot be handled by custom filtering rules.


    Note, we have a feature request available for implementing a similar function but this is not yet scheduled.


    With regards to debugging filters, if you need more information, please submit a support ticket and we can discuss this option further.

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