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F-Secure Key is a great tool I love to use ... BUT I'm still missing two functions very much:

  1. There is no possibility to delete all/multiple passwords at once. The functionality to "uninstall" local user data doesn't solve this problem, because only local data is deleted. The passwords inside the cloud are still existing.
  2. If I import passwords from a local file (e.g. Keepass) again, only new entries are added. There should be also a possibility to re-sync/update all existing entries.

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    Hi Thorsten123,


    Please find the reply for your inputs below:

    1. For the first one, you may remove the local data but you need to remove it from all devices in order to take it into effect. But due to that, the premium status will get lost too (if you have premium voucher used on multiple devices). Then you need to enter a new voucher to activate premium subscription and start from scratch.


    2. Indeed, it is not possible to update passwords when importing from third-party password managers. The only way is to remove the password from KEY and then import passwords from Keepass.


    I have forwarded your feedback to our team about the functionalities.


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