Duplicates issue / Conflicts with Outlook issue

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Today I opened the Key application on my PC and found that ~150 duplicates of some of my passwords had appeared, for no apparent reason. On opening the app on my phone, it synced and the duplicates appeared there too... I use the application on a couple of PCs and mobile devices and have never had this problem before. There is no pattern to the duplicates - some are old passwords, some are new passwords, and they have been added on different devices. My only hunch is that there could be a conflict with different devices on different versions of the app. Some thoughts:

-Any suggestion as to why this happened would be good

-A facility to select/delete many passwords at once or search/delete duplicates automatically would be useful - at the moment it takes 5 clicks to delete a password. Time that by several hundred is very tedious...

-Sometimes after a password is deleted, the list restarts at the top, rather than the position in the list the user was last at - this is also annoying, as you have to scroll back down.... It happens rarely - a few times in ~150 deletions


Separate issue, whilst I'm posting - for many months I've experienced occasional long freezes of the application when Outlook (2016) application is also running. Both applications  hang. Is there a known conflict between them/any solution?






  • Laksh
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    Hi RedJim,


    May I know if you are using the latest version of Key on your Computer and Mobile? What are the OS versions of your computer and Mobile?

    If a new entry is created, does it duplicate itself after a while?


  • I have same issue appeared a day or 2 ago.


    Version 4.3.131 on Windows 7 SP1 (6.1.7601) and some entries show only once, some show as double. When I quit the FSKey and restarted, some entries appear 4 times. Total was supposed to be ~125 but is now 445.


    Version 4.3 on Android phone 5.0.2  and version 4.3.1 on iPad iOS 9.3.5

  • Similar issue here. Some of records are now tripled, but not all. Can't really figure any patterns either, old and new are randomly tripled. I changed my iPhone to new one 17.9.2016 and restored iCloud backup including Key, triples/duplicates could have become then, don't know. Used Key yesterday at home coputer, didn't notice duplicates then, so might have appeared just today (20.9.2016).


    iOS 10.0.1 and Key 4.3.1 (in both iPad and iPhone)

    Windows 10 (1607) and Key 4.3.134



  • RedJim
    RedJim Posts: 15 Observer

    Iphone key version 4.3.1, Work PC 4.3..131.

    Will check home  laptop / iPad versions at home but believe they are both up to date too (no recent prompts to update, have recently updated apps also). 


    iPad is on IOS9, iPhone IOS10.

    Home PC Win 10, Work PC Win 7. 


    Original post related to a conflict when using iphone/ipad/home pc.

    Opened Key on work pc yesterday and new duplicates appeared. Again, no pattern - some old entries, some new entries, and only ~30 in total that time. Have added new entties today/yesterday and they have not been duplicated on other devices or when logging back on. 


    Seems there is a sync issue somewhere that is recreating duplicates intermittently, but cannot say from which device or which timeframe as it varies and there is no pattern.

  • RedJim
    RedJim Posts: 15 Observer

    I'm not sure whether the new duplicates yesterday appeared before or after the update. I'll check the ipad installed the new version and is up to date and post again on here in due course if there are any more duplicates - so far today it has been fine...

  • I have the same issue, m y entries trippled as well, maybe due to the fact that I am using it on 3 devices?


    I also have installed the newest version(s)

  • Ben, a quick smoke test shows that this duplication, triplication, quadruplication prolly does not happen any more. Good if that was sorted, but the exisiting duplicates still are there and how shall that be fixed? I still seem to have 447 password entries instead of correct ~125.

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Thank you for the postive update. 


    The KEY team will be working on handling the duplicates automatically in future versions. This will however take some time. 

    For the time  being you will unfortunately need to handle the duplicates manually.


  • Mo53
    Mo53 Posts: 2

    The problem with the duplicates is still there although I have updated the iOs version to 4.3.2. 



  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    @Mo53, do you mean that you observe new duplicates or that the duplicates are still present? 

    Did you upgrade your other devices to the latest versions as well?


  • Mo53
    Mo53 Posts: 2

    Hi Ben,

    The problem with the duplicates is solved. ( I updated all my  devices) 

    I do not find new duplicates. 

    I did found old duplicates on other divices but that was the result of slow synchronization  I Simply did not wait long enough . In "Help" I saw the new sync time but it takes some time to before I see the result in my password listing. 


  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    @Mo53Thank you for the quick update and glad it is now resolved.

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