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Have a few Citrix servers that I has some issues with the memory usage from F-secures products.

One server (Windows 2003) with F-sec 9,00 fully patched has a total memory usage from FSMA32, FSSM32 and FSUA of 600 - 700 Mb. Is this normal?




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    Hi dear!


    If you have not done this yet, here is what I use to do wish give Citrix environment better system performance and stabilities.


    1. Use the right F-Secure key-code for Citrix and install all 3 patches.
    2. Follow Citrix antivirus guidlines carefully using F-Secures instruction for exclusions. Lot of work ... YES!

    Please Remember:

    For security reasons. You must always consider what to do with unprotected files using exclusions.


    Hope this will help.

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    Please give F-Secure Email and Server Security (FSESS) a try. It has some optimizations.

    Usually the footprint should be similar to the Workstation.

    Also FS frees mem when needed by the OS or uses more mem if available.


    Where do you get the Mem usage from?



  • Hi


    Thanks for the reply.


    F-Secure Email and Server Security (FSESS) is still in beta right?

    In this case i just looked in the Activity monitor.



  • Hi


    (Tackar) Thanks for the reply


    I will have a look at the your tips below... the thing that I think is so strange is that the memory usage from the F-secure products is so different between the Citrix-servers. From a few Mb up to nearly 400Mb... 



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    ESS is in RC state so can be installed in a monitored productive environment...


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