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I can save new info or update passwords in the Key program I have on my pc (active premium license v4.3.134 on Windows 10) and I receive the update on my ipod touch six gen (iOS 9.3.5) but if I create a new entry in my ipod touch (Key 4.2.2), or I update a password in the ipod, it does not sync with the pc and the new info get overwritten with the old one from the pc after I close and reopen the app on the ipod. 

I can change the master password and see the new password request on the ipod so the sync is active at least for that; uninstalling and installing again does not solve the issue.

Should I contact the support or is it a known issue?




I've been trying to investigate the issue a bit more as I am the only one reporting it and I think I've found why this is happening. I've bought my first premium license on Google's playstore and I've been experiencing the weird license date due to the old bug with the Play store. To remove that I've exported my existing passwords to a file and I've import everything on a new Key license, activated by the dadada promocode.

At this time all my old passwords, created with the wrong license date, cannot be updated by mobile but only on a Windows' Key program because, I guess, they are keeping the wrong timestamp and every update from mobile looks like it's older than the existing record.


So my situation is: new password will sync no problem both ways, imported password cannot be updated by mobile but only on computer. I think the only solution is to start over by activating a new license and generating new passwords for everything. 






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