Browsing Protection and Internet Explorer 11 browser crashes when "-" character is used during a Goo

Products affected: All F-Secure products featuring Browsing Protection (Internet Security, SAFE, Client Security and PSB)

Problem: The combination of Browsing Protection (with "Search ratings" enabled) and specifically Internet Explorer 11 browser ends up crashing when user tries to perform a Google search with "-" character.

It has been identified that the crash happens only when the "Search ratings" feature is turned on within Browsing Protection.

It is caused by a known Internet Explorer 11 bug. Refer example:

Visible effects: Internet Explorer 11 crashes.

Workaround: Turn Search ratings feature in Browsing Protection setting off.

ETA: Fixed

Fix: We have found a workaround fix for the root cause (Internet Explorer bug), and is still in testing phase.

Internal reference: CTS-98095, CTS-98002



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