Installing F-Secure PSB Workstation Security stuck at 5%

I am trying to install this on the computers in our office but it gets stuck at about 5% and just stays there no matter how long I leave it. I have actually tried this on another computer as well with the same result. Tried downloading another version after emailing it to myself from the Add Computers section on our F-Secure log in page


In Processes in the Task Manager it doesn't look like the installation program is using any system resources.  


Is there something I'm missing? Trying to install on Windows 10 64bit


Screenshot here


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  • Jonny5000Jonny5000 Posts: 2
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    Turns out there were some traces of AVG in the registry which had to be manually removed with Regedit, also Windows Defender was somehow turned on. Installed fine after fixing up those 2 things

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