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I'm trying to access ss12.00 web console. After I enter a valid username and password, I get a white screen and nothing else. 


Server 2012r2 and using ie. IEESC turned off. Do I need to install third party stuff on my production server to access f-secure console? (java, flash, silverlight etc?)

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    no - just delete your browser cache - that should do the trick





  • jdy
    jdy Posts: 3

    Well, on my installation it's not working with IE11 - I cannot access Web Console.


    I had to install Firefox to access it.




  • hyvokar
    hyvokar Posts: 167

    Yep, due certificate problems, I had to install chrome to access console.


    Even firefox didnt help at my case.

    I kinda wish we had the same console on server versions, as we have with cs and afw.

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