CSP 12.10 not working with Windows 10 PRO


I tried to install F-Secure Client Security Premium 12.10 at Windows 10 PRO and everything goes OK until the setup tries to remove temporary files and then shows popup which says "f-secure client security premium 12.10 setup wizard ended prematurely". User has administrative privileges, there is no other security software even windows defender is switched off.


Installation package was exported two times from two other machines with Policy Manager 12.10.


Give me some help.


  • Ben
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    If no other error message is displayed then we would need to check the logs of the target workstation.


    Could you open a support ticket and provide an fsdiag of the affected client.

  • mentorr
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    I have opened a support ticket no. XXXXXXX but i cannot make fsdiag because installation currupt and dont make any changes in OS (no folders no files)



  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    You can find our standalone version of fsdiag tool on our ftp.

  • Hi, you can check the sidegrade log to verify if dont have any software conflicting F-Secure installation.

    The log files you can find in:

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    Roberto Chu
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